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What do tiny dancers do?

The Beginner Ballet and Tap for ages 3 to 5 is designed to introduce your dancer to very basic ballet and tap terminology in a fun and playful atmosphere.

Our school year begins with an introduction to basic ballet fundamentals: releve walks to strengthen legs and feet, upper body port de bras to strengthen and stretch arms and back, a fun dance to learn right and left, a position song to learn basic ballet positions.

In November dancers will enjoy skipping around the Indian Pow Wow and exploring sounds with authentic Indian drums.

Our December sparkles with a Christmas dance that will be presented to parents and studio dancers at our annual Holiday party and performance. It is a perfect opportunity to introduce our tiny dancers to performing for an audience. After the Holiday break the dancers will return to prepare for our exciting annual recital.

Throughout the year, dancers will explore the basic tap steps and sounds. The tap portion of our class helps the dancers to learn to separate sounds of the toe from sounds of the heel. Dancers will gain balance on one standing leg and transference of weight from the right to left foot.

Dancers will also learn to imitate rhythms. Dancers will also explore creative dance as they make up their own butterfly dances and dance in the Magic Garden.

We Hope that your tiny dancer will enjoy exploring the many colors of dance with us!

Dance Teams

We are reconstructing our dance team policy at this time.

Auditions for the 2013-2014 season:
Wednesday, September 14

The commitment to the Dance Teams is big, attendance is important, you must be devoted, but the rewards are GREAT!

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