The entire faculty of Lorraine Spada School of Dance is devoted to the goal of making you the best that you can be!
The following rules are designed to help your teacher reach that goal.
Classes will begin and end on time. The proper warm up is crucial to preventing injuries. Please do not be late to classes. (Please notify your teacher if you have a special situation that may cause you to be late or leave early.)
Regular attendance is very important to your progress.
Hair must be tied back.
Be respectful of classmates and teachers.
Social Media- As a representative of our studio, please be aware of what you post on social media. We represent a safe, non-violent, respectful atmosphere. Violating that representation is prohibited.
All classes can be viewed from the waiting area.
By enrolling at Lorraine Spada School of Dance you agree to allow studio photos to be posted on our web site and/or advertisement.
Proper Dance Attire allows you to move correctly and for your teacher to see errors easier. Baggy clothing is not acceptable.
Ballet: Age 2-Grade 4 – Leotard and tights, Grade 5 & up – Black leotard and pink tights (HAIR IN BUN FOR GRADES K and up)
Jazz, Contemporary, & Tap: Leotard and tights. (stretchy leggings or shorts are accepted)
Hip-Hop: Form fitting top, Loose or Tight Bottoms & sneakers
Classes Cancellations:
In the event of a class cancellation, we will send out an email and/or automated text.
School cancellations do not necessarily mean classes are cancelled.
Makeup classes will not be scheduled for weather cancellations. However,  a student can make up the time by taking a different genre of class in their age group at any time.
Refunds are not given for cancelled classes.
Costume deposits and balances are non-refundable.
Dropping a class requires a 30 day notice and tuition must be paid to the end of the month.
Late fees may be applied.